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EPC9131 Demonstration Board for EPC2112

Release on : Apr 19, 2018

EPC's demonstration board EPC9131 is easy to set up to evaluate the performance of the EPC2112 eGaN® IC and directly driven from the controller IC.

EPC's EPC9131 demonstration board is a 19 V output, 300 kHz single-ended primary-inductor converter (SEPIC) with a 27 W maximum output power and 14 V to 48 V input voltage range. The demonstration board features the EPC2112 enhancement mode (eGaN®) integrated circuit (IC), and the LM3481 controller intended for use with MOSFETs.

The EPC9131 board contains the complete power stage (including eGaN IC, driver, inductors, and input/output capacitors) in a compact 25 mm x 33 mm layout to showcase the performance that can be achieved using the eGaN IC. It also contains a closed-loop SEPIC with optimized control loop. The total board dimension is 48 mm x 50 mm.

37 W max. output power
14 V to 48 V input range voltage; regulated 19 V output voltage
300 kHz switching frequency
EPC2112: 200 V, 10 A integrated gate driver eGaN IC
High-frequency DC/DC converters
Resonant wireless power